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Celtic inspired designs on functional stoneware pottery
by ceramist Troy Schmidt






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Yes Store
Yes Store
Santa Barbara, CA
About me:

I am an American artist who uses Celtic influences and Celtic-style decorations to adorn my ceramics. I was initially introduced to Celtic art while researching my family genealogy and from that moment on I have been enthralled with the continuous interweaving ribbons, spiral and key patterns that make up the artistic style that was inspired by various Celtic peoples of the past. Although the majority of my ancestors who crossed to this side of the Atlantic centuries ago came from England, it was my maternal ancestors, the families with Celtic origins, which came from Scotland and Wales that I find the greatest connections to; direct ancestors such as Dean, Blair, Boyd, McDowell, McCoy, Pendleton, Rankin, Douglas, Stewart, Bowen, Owens, and Griffith. Initially I explored ceramics as a new medium for the Celtic-style drawings I was making in the 1980's. After several years of studying various aspects of ceramics, I began to carve interweaving patterns in stoneware clay and have been creating new things and exploring additional techniques ever since.

On this web-site you will find a sample of the many things I have done in the past and am working on today.

Thanks for stopping by,

=Troy =

The Yes Store

If you will be in Santa Barbara, California between early November and December 24 -- be sure to stop by the "Yes Store" and see my work along with the work of several other Santa Barbara County artists.

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